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Pulse Decay Neutron Tool (PDN)

The ANTARES PDN has been accepted by National Oil Companies like ADCO in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait Petroleum and is also established in the Gulf of Mexico. Even if the base log has been run by one of the big service companies, several examples show that the ANTARES PDN can be used for time lapse logging. The instrument is a so called ‘Neutron – Gamma’ tool, i.e. It emits high energy neutrons (14 MeV) which interact with the surrounding nuclei, losing energy until they are captured. When the Neutrons are captured, the nucleus emits Gamma Rays, which are detected by the PDN relative to the time of the neutron burst. This is a measure for the thermal neutron capture cross section ( S ) and the tool provides real time Borehole Sigma and Formation Sigma readings.

The analysis of the measurements allow evaluation of the remaining saturation (Sor), identification of possible bypassed hydrocarbons, recognition of certain lithologies and estimation of formation porosity. The ANTARES PDN works in medium to high porosities and water salinities of 40,000 ppm and above.

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