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Multifinger Caliper

Multifinger Caliper instruments detect and measure deformations, bending, holes and corrosion of a casing string. With up to 56 measuring fingers, the Multifinger Caliper provides a high resolution “image” of the ID of the casing.

Three sizes of the Multifinger Caliper are available, configured to investigate casings from 1 ¾” to 13 4/5”. The instruments run below the ANTARES Cased hole telemetry, which provides GR and CCL curves for exact depth correlation and allows for combination with several ANTARES Cased hole instruments.

With LogView 3D the user can take a virtual trip through the casing or borehole via images acquired by imaging tools such as a Multifinger Caliper. The 3-dimensional display can be moved, zoomed and turned. It can also be transferred to a memory stick or CD to be viewed outside the GeoBase environment. An independent program for viewing can be supplied to the customer together with the data.

Cased Hole Tools

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