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Loggin Units and Winches


ANTARES offers logging winches for multi- and mono-conductor cable. Our quality winches are constructed from aluminum and stainless steel. All winches are electronically controlled and come equipped with an automatic spooling system to ease one man operation. ANTARES offers winches ranging from lightweight portable systems to heavy service double-drum winches for open and cased hole logging. Winch drums are sized to accommodate cables ranging from 100m (300 ft) to 5000m (16,000 ft) providing maximum flexibility. For marine applications we offer a fully stainless steel winch. We can customize a winch to meet your needs.

Logging Units

ANTARES provides design, development and integration of complete logging units designed for water well, cased hole and open hole logging. ANTARES Units include the entire surface hardware needed for high-quality wireline logging measurements. They can be constructed for onshore and offshore requirements.

3 3/8" Open Hole Logging Tools Product Line

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Antares Products

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