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3 3/8" Open Hole Logging Tools

The 3 3/8β€œ Open Hole Wireline Logging Tools product line are the core business of ANTARES*. We offer a large range of tools and are continuously expanding this product line. All tools run under a telemetry and are rated 175 Deg.C / 350 Deg.F and 140 MPa / 20,000 psi They are specifically designed for the challenging oil and gas industry. The combinability of the tools helps to reduce rig time and the ruggedized design minimizes down time. The tools are accepted by State and International Oil Companies because the response and the accuracy of the tools provide logs comparable to those of major service companies, as demonstrated in test runs. Once you purchase our tools, we become partners and offer you a tailor made package according to your requirements. The package can consist of training, commissioning, maintenance and even research and development activities – it’s your choice.

*the diameter for some of the logging tools is larger than 3 3/8β€œ - exact dimensions please see in instrument catalogue

3 3/8" Open Hole Logging Tools Product Line

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